Impact Staking Press
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Impact Staking Press
Impact Staking Press

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The customer, an electronics assembly job shop, was building a sprinkler controller that used rotary switches consisting of a plastic disk and metal tab. The tab fit over two small pins that were mushroomed to retain it.

B. Dash Fabrication designed and built two of these machines for different versions of the switch. An operator loads the plastic body and tab into the carriage. Pressing the foot pedal activates the positioning cylinder, which moves the carriage under the staking hammer. A pneumatically-delayed valve then operates the main cylinder.

The staking hammer has a small urethane pin that presses the tab firmly onto the body. The hammer then squashes the pins, securely fastening the tab.

Releasing the foot pedal causes the main cylinder to retract, and the positioning cylinder to return the carriage. As the carriage returns, it triggers a jet of air to eject the completed switch, blowing it into the white plastic tube and into a bin.

Small fabrication and engineering shop in Belleville, IL specializing in one of a kind projects for personal or business use.
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