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A company was established to assist builders of the Tango 2 composite kit plane. The business plan was to provide a workplace and technical assistance through the assembly of the airframe. Since it’s a monospar design, that includes the permanently attaching the wing. At that point the owner/builder takes the package to his home hanger to install the interior, engine and control surfaces. Due to the size, a special trailer was needed to effect the move.

B. Dash Fabrication designed and built this custom trailer. To get the total package inside the D.O.T. height and width restrictions the plane has to stand on its nose with fuselage rotated and tilted. The leading wing tip is near the pavement and flush with the left edge of the tow vehicle. The trailing wingtip is high and to the right of the center line. The plane is tilted slightly onto its top with the tip of the tail at the right side of the tow vehicle. In this attitude the package is 7 feet ten inches wide and 12 feet nine inches tall. With ground clearance added the total height is just under thirteen feet.

To get the plane into this position B. Dash designed a cradle that bolts to the engine mount bosses in the firewall. The cradle has pivot points below the leading edge of the left wing and above and forward of the leading edge of the right wing.

The pivot points on the cradle mate with asymmetric pivots on the trailer.

The plane is rolled to the trailer on its landing gear. After locking in the pivots, three men can lift the tail and tilt the plane into position against the support spar. The location of the pivots automatically puts the plane into its travelling position.

Although ground clearance is minimal at the left wingtip and the lowest corner of the firewall, both points are well protected by the trailer frame, and are near wheels so they follow the road.

Small fabrication and engineering shop in Belleville, IL specializing in one of a kind projects for personal or business use.
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