Scoreboard Washing Machine
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Scoreboard Washing Machine
Scoreboard Washing Machine

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The company maintaining the video board at Busch Stadium was contracted to clean it at the start of the season and during the All-Star Break. To do this they employed a crew of window washers who set up scaffolding in the bleachers, and washed the face with spray bottles and towels. The entire process took several hundred man-hours.

B. Dash Fabrication designed and built this machine to do the job more economically. It consists of a rack of soft-bristle brushes, an axle assembly spanning the height of the board, and a carriage that rolls on the upper-deck handrail to support the mechanism.

Soapy water is fed from a barrel through hoses to a manifold on the brush rack, which distributes it to each brush. The mechanism is wheeled across the face of the board and back. Then the brush rack is lowered and the process repeated. After going down the entire face of the board, the rack is raised to the top and the process repeated using clear water.

Using this device, a crew of three can thoroughly clean the board in an afternoon. In addition, the shade louvers over each CRT are thoroughly cleaned, which allows more light to radiate from the board, and improves visual contrast.

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