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Our customer is buying brass cartridge cases from the military, preparing them for reloading, and selling them in 500 and 1,000-piece lots. Their most popular cartridge is the NATO 5.56mm (.223 caliber) used in the M16. Occasionally the neck of the case is dented hitting the receiver as it’s ejected, which makes is unfit for reloading.

B Dash designed and built this machine to sort the cases automatically. It can process 3,600 cases per hour. It will reject a case that’s as little as 0.020” out of round, which is better than hand sorting can reliably achieve.

The cases are dropped from a Dillon collator and pushed under the test station where a solenoid-mounted pin tests the case. If the pin hits the neck, the case is punched out the bottom of the machine into the reject bucket. Otherwise it’s pushed along by the next case and drops into a bin for further processing.

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